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May 24, 2024

With its partnership with Sheer ID.com, Mindvalley offers a 45% student discount!

Keep reading for more details on the eligibility criteria, steps to claim this offer, and program recommendations. This article will also give you additional ways to redeem Mindvalley discounts, including the $100 off and $189 indirect off with Annual Membership. 

So, with that in mind, let’s check out the details!

Is Mindvalley Free for Students?

Mindvalley does not offer a completely free subscription for students. 

However, the platform does provide a 45% discount on its Membership program through its partnership with Sheer ID, an identity verification platform. To claim the discount, you must verify your student status. To do so, check out the section below:-

How to Get a Mindvalley Student Discount

To redeem the 45% Mindvalley student discount with Sheer ID, follow the instructions:-

Step 1: Head to the Shop ID website. 

Step 2: Scroll until you find “Shop now” under the Student Blue box.

Source: Sheer ID

Step 3: Now, click “Verify with ID.me,” which is located in the green box.

Source: Sheer ID

Step 4: Select the Student bullet point.

Source: Sheer ID

Step 5: Now, select the “Continue to Sign Up.”

Source: Sheer ID

Step 6: Enter your personal details to proceed with Sign in.

Source: Sheer ID

Step 7: Finally, select “Begin.”

Source: Sheer ID

Now, keep following the on-screen prompts to complete your identification process.

The entire process should be quick and hassle-free, allowing you to start your personal growth journey with Mindvalley at a significantly reduced cost.

Additional Ways To Get Mindvalley Discounts For Students

The following are some general ways to claim Mindvalley discounts. The best part is that they do not require you to confirm your student status.

1. Mindvalley Yearly Subscription Discount – $189 Off 

The indirect discount on Mindvalley’s annual subscription can be understood as savings by opting for an annual membership instead of a monthly subscription. 

Here’s how you can redeem the offer:-

  • The official Mindvalley promo code gives you a $100 discount on the Annual Subscription.
  • If you opt for an annual membership, which costs $399, instead of a monthly subscription, which costs $588 when billed annually, you save an additional $189.

So, in total, you save $289! This is a significant saving and a great incentive to choose the annual membership over the monthly subscription.

2. $100 Off (Spring Deal) 

In addition to the regular annual plan discount, Mindvalley periodically runs special promotional offers throughout the year. 

One such offer is the $100 off deal on the Mindvalley annual Membership plan.

During these limited-time promotions, typically around holidays or Spring, the Mindvalley Membership is available for just $399 per year instead of the standard $499. 

3. Mindvalley $299 Offer 

At certain times, Mindvalley may offer its Membership at a flat rate of $299 per year. 

This special pricing is often part of limited-time sales or Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotions.

The $299 per year Mindvalley Membership offer represents a significant discount from the regular $499 annual price, making it an incredibly attractive option for students. 

By taking advantage of this deal, you can access the full suite of Mindvalley’s personal growth resources at a fraction of the cost.

What Is The Price For A Mindvalley Membership?

Mindvalley offers several membership options to cater to its users’ diverse needs and budgets, including students.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the pricing structure:

Subscription PlanRegular PriceDiscounted Student Price
Monthly Plan$99 per month$54.45 per month
Annual Plan$399 per year$219.45 per year
Mindvalley Membership Pro$598 per year$358.80 per year

Mindvalley Standard Subscription

The Mindvalley Monthly Plan is available for $99 per month. With the 45% student discount, the discounted price totals $54.45 per month. 

This option provides the flexibility of a month-to-month subscription, allowing students to access the platform’s resources without a long-term commitment.

Mindvalley also offers an Annual Plan priced at $399 per year for students who want to save more in the long run. However, with the 45% student discount, the annual subscription cost is reduced to $219.45 annually. 

This costs approximately $18.29 monthly, making it a highly affordable option for students.

Mindvalley Membership Pro

Mindvalley offers a more comprehensive Membership Pro plan, which is regularly priced at $598 per year. With the 45% student discount, the Membership Pro plan is available for $358.80 per year. 

This upgraded plan includes additional benefits such as:-

  • Monthly workshops with leading experts,
  • One-on-one coaching sessions, 
  • And exclusive Pro call recordings.

Based on the pricing information, the Annual Plan at $219.45 per year is the most suitable and cost-effective option for most students. 

It provides the best value by offering a significant discount compared to the regular annual price while still giving access to the full suite of Mindvalley’s personal growth resources.

Mindvalley Refund Policy

Mindvalley offers a 15-day risk-free refund policy for its Membership program. If unsatisfied, go to the Mindvalley Refund page and follow the on-screen prompts to request a refund. 

You need to provide your name, email, signup date, and reason for the refund. Mindvalley will then process the refund using your original payment method. 

Once your refund is completed, you will receive a confirmation email.

Best Courses For Students On Mindvalley

The three best Mindvalley courses catering to students’ needs, in my opinion, are:-

1. The Silva Ultramind System

Develop your intuition and enhance your problem-solving abilities through Silva’s Practice. 

This course, led by Vishen Lakhiani, teaches students to access heightened awareness and tap into their mind’s natural healing abilities. 

The Silva Ultramind System
Source: Mindvalley

Students can cultivate a deeper connection with their intuition and inner wisdom through Silva Method mental exercises. This further empowers them to make better decisions, enhance their creativity, and live with greater purpose and personal empowerment. 

The program’s focus on activating alpha and theta brain waves can help students improve their problem-solving capabilities and unlock their full potential.

2. Superbrain With Jim Kwik

Improve your memory, focus, and learning skills to excel academically.

Superbrain With Jim Kwik
Source: Mindvalley

Jim Kwik designed the course for students looking to optimize their brain function. It helps participants unlock their brain’s hidden potential through lessons and practical exercises.

It further helps students develop laser-like focus, enhance their memory and recall abilities, and boost their creativity and problem-solving skills. 

By becoming “super learners,” students can approach academic challenges with newfound confidence and mental agility, setting themselves up for success.

3. Conscious Parenting Mastery

Gain insights to navigate the complexities of student-parent relationships.

This course is particularly valuable for students experiencing difficult relationships with their parents. It challenges long-held beliefs and teaches students to approach these relationships with grace, compassion, and conscious communication.

Conscious Parenting Mastery
Source: Conscious Parenting 

By cultivating emotional intelligence and conflict-resolution skills, students can enhance their families’ overall well-being and fulfillment, fostering a more supportive environment for their academic and personal growth.

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Conclusion: Mindvalley Offers A 45% Student Discount!

Mindvalley’s 45% student discount is an invaluable opportunity for students to access a wide range of personal growth resources at a fraction of the regular cost. 

By taking advantage of this offer, you can unlock your full potential, enhance your academic performance, and go on a transformative journey of self-discovery. 

Remember to verify your student status through Sheer ID to start your Mindvalley discount!


Is there a Mindvalley student discount code? 

No, Mindvalley does not provide a specific student discount code. The 45% discount is available directly through the verification process with Sheer ID.

What is a Mindvalley student discount card?

 Mindvalley does not offer a physical student discount card. Your student status is verified entirely through the Sheer ID platform during sign-up.

How long can I use the Mindvalley student discount?

The Mindvalley student discount is locked in for as long as you choose to stay a Mindvalley Member.

Can I use someone else’s student ID to claim the discount?

You need to verify your student status with the external discount provider, and that’s how you claim the student discount. Therefore, using someone else’s ID is not acceptable.

Can I cancel my Mindvalley plan and get a refund?

Mindvalley provides a 15-day refund policy on its subscription plans. After this period, you can only cancel your membership.

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