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May 13, 2024

Mindvalley is offering an exclusive 40% discount on annual Mindvalley Membership. 

Similar to their popular Black Friday deals, Mindvalley extends similar discounts and savings on Cyber Monday. 

While the official Cyber Monday sales are not yet live, Mindvalley is offering its Summer Sale and Spring Offer, providing an excellent opportunity for individuals seeking to embark on a trans-formative personal growth journey.

Let’s know more about all the available deals. 

TLDR: Mindvalley Cyber Monday Deals

  1. Mindvalley offered a 40% discount on Membership subscriptions in 2023. Holiday deals for 2024 are yet to go live.
  2. The current Summer Sale and Spring Offer from Mindvalley mirror the discounts and savings that were available during last year’s Cyber Monday event.
  3. Users can save up to $200 on the Mindvalley Membership by taking advantage of the limited-time offers.

Mindvalley Cyber Monday Deals [Deal Not Live]

Last year, Mindvalley offered a whopping 40% lifetime discount on annual Membership, which directly waives $200 from the actual amount. 

Additionally, users can renew their membership at 40% off too for life. 

Although the official Cyber Monday sales are not yet live, Mindvalley has introduced a Summer Sale that closely aligns with the discounts offered during the previous year’s Cyber Monday event. 

Under this promotion, new users can access the Mindvalley Membership at a 40% discounted price of $299 per year, a savings of $200 off the regular $499 annual fee.

In addition to the Summer Sale, Mindvalley is also offering a Spring Offer, which provides a flat $100 discount on the annual Mindvalley Membership

This offer is available to both new and existing users, making it an attractive option for those who missed the Cyber Monday deal or are looking to renew their subscription.

Steps To Claim Mindvalley Cyber Monday Offer

Since the Cyber Monday sale is not currently live, the steps to claim the existing Summer Sale and Spring Offer are as follows:

Step 1. Visit the Mindvalley website and click on the “Summer Deal” or “Spring Offer” banner.

Step 2. Select the “Get All Access Yearly” option to take you to the checkout page.

Mindvalley Cyber Monday Deals - Get All Access Yearly

Step 3. Review the discounted annual price of $299 (Summer Sale).

Step 4. Enter your personal and payment information to complete the transaction.

Enter Your Personal information

Enjoy full access to Mindvalley’s exclusive curriculum and community for the duration of your subscription.

Mindvalley Cyber Monday Deals Timeline

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for 2024 are yet to be live. But you can check out holiday sales of the last few years to get an idea of what to expect with this year’s sale:

YearCyber Monday Offer
202030% discount on annual Mindvalley Membership
202135% discount on annual Mindvalley Membership
202240% lifetime discount on annual Mindvalley Membership
202340% discount on annual Mindvalley Membership

Mindvalley Cyber Monday Pricing

Mindvalley offers three primary subscription plans:

Mindvalley Cyber Monday Pricing
Mindvalley MembershipMonthly Pricing Annual Pricing
Mindvalley Membership$49/month$499/year (discounted to $299/year during the Summer Sale)
Mindvalley Pro Membership$598/year
Mindvalley Business$499/year (discounted to $299/year)

Mindvalley also offers a 15-day money-back guarantee on all of its membership plans. 

Note: Cyber Monday discounts are typically applicable to the Mindvalley Membership plan, allowing users to access the platform’s comprehensive curriculum at a significantly reduced price.

Features Included With Cyber Monday Mindvalley 

When you claim the Mindvalley Cyber Monday or similar limited-time offers, you’ll gain access to a wide range of features and benefits that enhance your personal growth and development journey. These include:

Full Access to Mindvalley’s Entire Curriculum

  • Unlock a library of personal development courses covering a variety of topics, from mindfulness and productivity to relationships and entrepreneurship.
  • Explore the in-depth lessons and exercises designed by world-renowned experts and thought leaders.

Live Sessions with Renowned Experts

  • Participate in live online sessions and interactive workshops led by acclaimed authors, coaches, and industry professionals.
  • Gain exclusive insights, ask questions, and engage in discussions with these industry leaders.

Guided Meditations and Ambient Sounds

  • Access an extensive library of guided meditations and soothing ambient sounds to help you de-stress, focus, and achieve deeper levels of relaxation.
  • Leverage these tools to enhance your mindfulness practice and overall well-being.

Exclusive Access to Mindvalley’s Private Social Network

  • Connect with a global community of like-minded individuals who are on similar journeys of self-discovery and transformation.
  • Share your experiences, learn from others, and build meaningful connections within the Mindvalley community.

About Mindvalley Black Friday Deals

Mindvalley’s holiday sales typically begin with Black Friday offerings and carry over to Cyber Monday. During Black Friday 2023, Mindvalley offered a 40% lifetime discount on its annual Mindvalley Membership, allowing users to lock in the discounted price of $299 per year for the duration of their subscription.

While the official Black Friday 2024 deals have not yet been announced, the current Summer Sale and Spring Offer provide similar savings opportunities for new and existing Mindvalley users.

How Much Can You Save with Mindvalley Cyber Monday Deals?

In 2023, Mindvalley’s Cyber Monday sale offered a 40% discount on the annual Mindvalley Membership, resulting in a savings of $200 for users. 

However, as the 2024 Cyber Monday sales are not yet live, the exact discount and savings may vary. The current Summer Sale and Spring Offer provide a good indication of the potential savings, with users able to secure the Mindvalley Membership at a discounted price of $299 or $399 per year, respectively.

Other Mindvalley Deals Available

In addition to the Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals, Mindvalley also offers discounts for specific groups:

  • Military and Frontline Heroes Discount: Mindvalley provides a 40% discount to military personnel, veterans, reservists, and other frontline heroes.
  • Student Discount: Mindvalley offers a special discount for students, which can be claimed by verifying your student ID.

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Conclusion: Get Ready for Mindvalley’s Cyber Monday!

Mindvalley’s Cyber Monday sales are highly anticipated events, offering users substantial savings on the platform’s trans-formative personal growth offerings. 

While the official 2024 Cyber Monday deals are not yet available, the existing Summer Sale and Spring Offer provide an excellent opportunity for individuals to invest in their personal and professional development at a discounted rate.

Don’t miss out on the chance to unlock your full potential and access Mindvalley’s comprehensive curriculum at a fraction of the regular cost.


How much discount do you get on Mindvalley Cyber Monday? 

In 2023, Mindvalley offered a 40% discount on the annual Mindvalley Membership during their Cyber Monday sale, resulting in a savings of $200 (regular price $499, discounted price $299).

How much does the Mindvalley Membership cost? 

The Mindvalley Membership has the following pricing:
Monthly Plan: $49/month
Annual Plan: $399/year (discounted to $299/year during the Summer Sale or $399/year with the Spring Offer)

Can you use Mindvalley for free? 

No, Mindvalley does not offer a free version of its platform. However, they do provide a 15-day money-back guarantee, allowing users to try the Mindvalley Membership risk-free.

Can existing users claim Mindvalley Cyber Monday? 

Yes, existing Mindvalley users can typically take advantage of the Cyber Monday deals, just like new users. For example, The current Spring Offer is available to new and existing Mindvalley members.

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